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The Anti-Ageing Peel Facial (no needles)

60 Mins

From £80

Using ‘Biorepeel’ or PRX T33; both innovative treatment peels suitable for all skin types, colours and ages. This needle free, bio revitalisation is great at preventing ageing signs as it contains essential amino acids and vitamins.  We love these peels for their amazing immediate results, safety, and zero downtime.

Cost: £80​​​​​

Course x3: £216 (*recommended)

Course x6: £408 (*recommended for pigmentation, melasma and deep wrinkles)

Good For: Anyone. Not suitable during pregnancy

Application: Peel

​​​​Results: Tighter skin, lighter pigmentation,youthful glow

Time: 60 Mins​​​​​

Frequency: Every 2- 4 weeks

For additional areas of the neck ,décolletage and back of hands there is a £35 surcharge per area.

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